01. Scrum Master Professional-SMPC®

د.ت 900,000

Student Material, 100% aligned with the Scrum Guide™.

  • Online Course, with a Certiprof® S-CT™ Authorized Trainer.
  • Exam Simulators, with multiple levels of simulators.
  • Two (2) Opportunities, to pass each certification exam.
  • International Certification + Badge (Credly).
  • Gift: material and access to RWPC Remote Worker Professional Certificate.

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Scrum Master Professional-SMPC®

Scrum is an adaptive, iterative, incremental, fast-paced, flexible framework designed to deliver value in any type of project. Scrum is based on roles, events, artifacts, and associated rules. A globally leading framework for project management in environments with multiple changes to generate high customer satisfaction.

Scrum Master is a sought-after role for agile project management. The Scrum Master is responsible for promoting and supporting Scrum, helping everyone understand the theory, practices, rules, and values of Scrum. The Scrum Master is a leader who serves the Scrum Team, and also helps external people understand what interactions with the Scrum Team can be useful and which ones are not.

The growth in demand for professionals with the Scrum Master role is increasing year on year around the world. Leading employment portals show how multiple companies are looking to hire talent prepared to facilitate their agile projects.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of a Scrum Master based on the Scrum Guide™.
  • Know the responsibilities of the Scrum Master.
  • Understand terms and definitions to successfully pass the SMPC® certification.
  • Manage the change from traditional to agile model.
  • Achieve international recognition with the CertiProf® Professional Certification.
  • Prepare to fill the role of a Scrum Master in an organization that uses Scrum.

Exam Format

  • Online exam (from the comfort of your home).
  • Available in Spanish.
  • Multiple choice.
  • Duration of 60 minutes.
  • 40 questions, 80% minimum passing grade (32/40).
  • Second chance to take the exam if you do not succeed on the first attempt.
  • 6 months to take the exam from the receipt of credentials.